Author: Embodied Havoc

Problems with music

This wont be a very long post, just problems that ive noticed as an artist and what you can do to help others if you want to support us. One of the biggest problems I’m currently facing, is the fact that music doesn’t pay. Unless you have a major label backing you, it’s hard to

Rush lyrics

 [intro] There are those who climb, and those who are born. Stay away from those who are born at the top, but those who successfully climb and have slain, are a much greater foe then those [hook] No matter how many things ive done, it seems like its just never enough, step with no concern

Down on me

Inspired by Satiama’s blues, I too wanted to make my own blues song. So, I set out! and did just that. It was awesome, and fun. Where did I come up with the topic? after hearing too many times about the girl being this beautiful creature, I wanted to go in the opposite direction. The


Division, a EP describing modern times, and modern problems. lets dive straight in and ill explain each song, I encourage you to open it up to a music service of your preference and follow along, we will be going down the list in the order of the songs. First is the powerful Hells Frozen serving as

Evil Deeds – Lyrics

[v1] Man, I’m sick of this shit, sick of you bitches, its time to become toxic, it’ll be contagious, it’ll melt that plastic skin, is everyone dick conjoined twins? Always fucking each other, were not fucking brothers, scared to be friends or lovers, cant trust me, then don’t bother, that’s why I fucked your mother,

Evil deeds

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a nice guy…sometimes, but other times we all need to relieve stress. You might do it by getting off, painting, dancing, or other means, but this time I want to try a different approach. From that Evil Deeds was born. Usually I make more serious songs, about serious topics;