Division, a EP describing modern times, and modern problems. lets dive straight in and ill explain each song, I encourage you to open it up to a music service of your preference and follow along, we will be going down the list in the order of the songs. First is the powerful Hells Frozen serving as a warning and the example of what the ep is about. This one was really fun to mix and master, I absolutely love the melodies I made. It sounds angelic/demonish, and the backing choir adds to that punch. Besides that; compared to the rest of the songs on this list, its nothing too crazy.

Next is Garden Of Pansies. That one is quite bizarre, and it only gets weirder the more you listen, the disses are dumb as shit at times, and others are unlike any other artist could come up with. Such as “Cancelling shit, not knowing parents plan B dipped” Nothing like telling this generation; they can leave their cancel culture behind, like their parents tried to do with them. Then the 2nd verse strikes, and oh boy…1:14 is when the fun begins. I sampled flatulence, and started to…Rip into the track…you can leave me now…I chose the wet gassy state as it describes how gross this generation has become. I love ass like everyone else, but praising artists like Nicki, Cardi, and every male rapper when they have plastic dolls in their videos, is bogus, gross

“Ringmaster” was my first attempt at a odd time signature, at first I was aiming for a Waltz beat. That quickly changed and turned into a circus beat, the song was originally named Circus and I had rewrote the hook multiple times, until I made the song we all know and love Ringmaster. It continues the last topics from Garden Of Pansies, with me talking about artists once again and how basic they are. Dissing Miley Cirus yet again, and Pit Bull for the first time. The 2nd verse talks about the government and how they get away with illegal shit.

“Wrath” Oh boy is that a aggressive track. The disses I came up are absolutely ridiculous and mean. Attack religion, I didn’t hold anything back. I didn’t stop with fathers and popes, I even attack the big man himself. Since writing this, I have yet to get struck by lightening. Compared to other beats i’ve made, this one is pretty basic, I ended up switching out the drums multiple times, but the melody isnt anything special

Finally on our list is Rogue. I actually made this song before deciding to make an EP, it was originally going to be its own single. If I had to choose anything that was unique, that would be my flow and lyrics. The flow alternates between fast and slow every bar. Even more unique is the lyrics themselves. I believe I made a new writing style with the lyrics: “blew it out car exhausting resources, tryna get the upper handy it undoubtedly made meet king V finally, making me literary techniques, im extremely rarely do I sleep”. Its extremely difficult for me to explain, but the next sentence only makes sense if the last word of the previous sentence is said. Ill highlight all the words that are needed to make the next sentence make sense. Rogue Extended has a funny ending to it, be sure to listen to that as well

All and all, this is an EP I highly encourage to listen to if youre tired of this generation.


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