Evil deeds

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a nice guy…sometimes, but other times we all need to relieve stress. You might do it by getting off, painting, dancing, or other means, but this time I want to try a different approach. From that Evil Deeds was born. Usually I make more serious songs, about serious topics; typically other artists don’t dare to touch. This time I wanted to be more playful and have fun with it. Now for obvious reasons I don’t actually approve of setting wheel chair bound cripples on fight. Not only because they cant stop drop and roll, but because its quite illegal and fucked up. I still don’t think its as bad as sending a group of deaf people into a gang controlled area, all for the hopes of seeing a sign fight. As funny as that would sound, still pretty illegal, although I might make a music video on it…Who knows what other twisted thing I will come up with next, If you want to listen to me doing these evils deeds. I will leave a Spotify link for you to listen to at the bottom of the page.

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Evil Deeds

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