Production – I will make a beat and export the stems for you, depending on what you want, it can range from 80-1000$

Audio Repair – I will do my best to fix your stems / track, getting rid of pops, clicks, and breathes, you can expect around 25$

Mixing – I will mix your tracks stems and give you a 32 bit floating wav file, you can expect around 150$

Mastering – I will master your track to around -12 LUFS and give you a 16 bit wav track, you can expect around 150$

Diss Them – I will diss someone you hate, the cheapest option will be 50$ and i reuse a beat, the next option will be 200$ and I hand craft everything…if its good enough, i’ll make it public so all my fans will hate on this person too

Software development – I will build your dream app / game. Right now im only taking minor projects, building apps and games takes quite a bit of time, I cant give you a price until I know what your project is, for example: pong could cost you 100$ angry birds could cost you 1000$ send me an email!